what we do

We focus primarily on the efficiency, sustainability and viability of companies and organisations

  • Consultation for the sustainable development of companies, organisations and individuals
  • Increasing efficiency in working with a company's human capital – happier and more efficient employees, reduced fluctuation
  • Packages for companies, such as NEXT LEVEL – as a tool or as a goal?
  • Healthy Work Place project – healthy spirit, higher productivity and better energy
  • Personal development and re-activating of employees – healthy lifestyle academy, weekend events, regular supply of topical information
  • Special development projects – top management, talents, 50+
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – programmes that give you a competitive advantage and make you feel good

Our complex view – balanced, satisfied human is the most effective player for the team therefore we develop individuals

  • Work Life Balance – journey towards inner balance, performance increase and better motivation.
  • Life Management – super-structure of WLB programmes, resolves life of a human in a complex way.
  • Time Management – how to gain control over our time and how to effectively use it.
  • Creativity and working with it – analysis of creative potential of individuals and its development.
  • EQ and its application – knowing of emotions and working with them in order to make human relationships better.
  • Convincing presentation – you will gain certainty, self-confidence and people will remember you better.

The individuals form teams and it is required to work with them so that is why team work is here

  • Team diagnosis and team roles – key for every team to work.
  • Effective team work – basic rules are surprisingly simple...
  • Teambuilding – opens a way of a human to another human and makes joint team co-operation better.
  • Facilitation and workshop moderation – we know how carry out and we can teach as well.
  • Assessement centres – we reply to your questions when choosing new employees.
  • Development centres – aim your investments in the right direction.

We add interesting events to all this – we work with motivation and encouragement

  • Event for business partners – either as a benefit or as a key for holding co-operation.
  • Conference – we understand it as a very important image of your company.
  • Off-site meetings – external session in other words - a lot can be gained here!!!
  • Teambuilding – outdoor, indoor but also special events on order.
  • Outdoor events – as a supplement to conference or off-site programme.
  • Special Event Marketing – press conferences, evening parties, sports events.
  • Motivational programmes – from situation analysis via suggestions to carrying out.
  • Incentives – non-traditional awards - e.g. family trips, men events, journeys abroad etc.
  • Events for TOP management – specific group = quality without compromises.